Happy Pi Day

So as some of you know, I work as a programmer. And I am a bit of a nerd. YAY! Being the nerd that I have to share with everyone, that it’s PI DAY!!! Happy Pi Day everyone. Did you eat some Pi today? I hope so. I’ll be very happy if you did, because I wasn’t able to. So have some pi for me. Anyways… something new just finished today. Our new work kitchen finally completely. It’s smaller than our kitchen on the floor above, however, this kitchen is like 10 feet from my office on the same floor as I am. So needless to say, I’ll be snacking more often and also burning less calories on the way to the kitchen. So I suppose I’ll have to increase my workout sessions in the mornings or double up in the evenings.

I didn’t really check in last week, but I had a busy week. I took Monday off and really didn’t get back into my work the whole week. Oh, well, its a new week now. I have lots of little projects and lots to test. Hopefully, I won’t be to zonked out to work on my bathroom in the evenings. That’s it for now. See ya’ll later.


Great week, looking for a AWESOME Weekend


So my greatness from last week has carried over from last week. I am continuing to blast through my bathroom. I had hoped to be done this weekend, but I am super meticulous and trying to do everything perfectly. I finally got the tiling wrapped up and moved into updating my sink and the faucet. Work is going well. I talked to my boss to see if I could take a day for personal time off, and she told me, “You’ve been doing really well. You have stepped up in the last 2 months, Go ahead and take a PTO and I’ll won’t send it up to HR.” So yeah!!!

So I think on my day off I’ll hang out with my old friend from college, he works at Independence Towing Service. Hopefully, he can take off work as well he run a great 24 hour towing service. So maybe he can slide away for a bit to hang. I am looking forward to my three day weekend!!

Until next time folks, Chris out!



Great Week of the Last week in February

So boys and girls, I have had a great week. Nearly perfect, I only say that because it really isn’t over. I got a lot of work done around my house and decide to actually take a break and catch up on my DVR shows. I love GOOGLE FIBER! It’s so great to be able to store more things and still have great quality tv and fast internet speeds. Their latest upgrade was a change but if fine for me. I like it.

I have fallen back behind my TV shows, so last night and tonight I just like binge watched Blacklist, Life in Pieces, The Big Bang Theory, and Scorpion. All amazing shows and I thought I’d jump on my blog here and rave above it.

I also want to share that I almost have my bathroom remodeling project finished. It has taken too long, but I have never tiled before, hopefully I can finished it by next week. Maybe I’ll upload a pic or two next week.

Anyways this is Chris, over and out.

More about me

So more about me…. I am from Independence MO and enjoy my family, my job and my City hence, AFairCity.com was born.

I thought I would share my knowledge about my life and this Fair City!

I am a computer programmer that has been up and down in the job world for years, maybe like a decade. I have lots of experience both on the computer and around town. Most of my time is spent at work, then with my family but I do get the occasion time to cut loose and go out.

Quite recently, I have realized that time is short and you can’t sit all day and worried about all the things that can come get you in your life. I had done this and found that I was wasting my time and my family’s time because of all this negative from my life.

So here is turning a new page sort of speak for the new year… YAY 2016!!

So I am starting positive and in the right direction, right now.

Hopefully, this weekend I can get out and hang out with some friends and my fam. It’s been a great month in February so far and I don’t think the momentum is going to stop or slow down anytime soon. I have learned that when things pick up and move faster and in the right direction, it’s real hard to really hit a major wall.

Ok, that’s enough for now… time to chill for the evening.